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Chengding Refractory Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer mainly engaged in the production of ladle sliding nozzles and operating in the overall contracting mode with a registered capital of 18 million yuan. The existing assets are 0.6 billion yuan, and the company's annual sales are 1.4 to 160 million yuan.

With good quality and service reputation, Chengding Company cooperates with related companies in the steel field with overall contracting capacity of blast furnace ironmaking, converter, electric furnace, ladle and medium package, especially in the overall contracting of ladle and ladle. Higher honors.

Chengding Company pays close attention to the development of high-temperature industrial and refractory materials in the world. It is at the domestic first-class level in magnesia carbon brick, aluminum silicon carbide brick, pouring material and functional materials, especially sliding nozzle and three kinds of functional materials. field. Chengding Company has maintained long-term stable and good cooperative relations with Luoyang Refractory Materials Research Institute and Zhengzhou University Materials Science and Engineering Institute. Chengding Company is committed to research and promote the latest lining materials and functional materials, based on scientific management, to ensure that the company's main products are at a domestic level than the leading level.

Chengding Company has the capacity to supply 100,000 tons of magnesia carbon bricks, magnesium aluminum carbon bricks and aluminum silicon carbide annually. It has the ability to supply long nozzles, stopper rods, immersion nozzles and 5,000 tons of water inlet. Chengding Company produces 10,000 tons of sliding nozzles and 10,000 tons of drainage sand.

Quality is the life of the company, creating value for customers is the company's mission. Chengding Company is based on the high cost performance and considerate service, based on the refractory industry, looking forward to working with you!


Company Profile