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Refractory for converter

CD series converter magnesia carbon brick is designed and manufactured according to different use parts and different use conditions of the converter. It uses high purity, high density, fused large crystal magnesia and high purity graphite as the main

Converter magnesia carbon brick

The main packaging method of the product: wooden pallet.Product storage and transportation precautions: pay attention to moisture, light and easy to move.
Special note: None.

Converter taphole

The CD series tapping port uses high-purity fused magnesia or large crystalline magnesia with high-purity graphite, adding unique antioxidants, using phenolic resin as a binder, passing cold isostatic pressing (integral tapping) or machine Pressing (split tapping) is formed. The product has good oxidation resistance, high strength, good corrosion resistance, easy replacement and high life.
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