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Refractory for ladle

CD series magnesia carbon bricks are made of high-purity, high-density fused magnesia or large-crystalline fused magnesia, high-purity graphite as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of antioxidants, using phenolic resin as a binder, and produced by high-pressure molding process.

Ladle magnesia carbon brick

Packing: wooden pallet.
Packing method: pay attention to moisture, light and easy to move.

Ladle aluminum-magnesium carbon brick, magnesium aluminum carbon brick

CD series aluminum-magnesium carbon brick adopts special grade bauxite or corundum as aggregate, and emphasizes the matrix. It uses phenolic resin as binder and adopts mechanical forming. It has anti-erosion, anti-flaking and high strength. It is suitable for ladle bottom. And the wall and other parts.

Ladle argon permeable brick at the bottom of ladle

CD-TQZ series ladle bottom argon venting brick is a chrome corundum radial through slit venting brick made of high purity, high density, high strength material and MAS matrix optimization system. This series of products has the characteristics of stable structure, wide range of gas permeability, easy adjustment of gas flow rate, high blowing rate, erosion resistance, erosion resistance and long service life

Ladle nozzle brick

The CD-WS series ladle nozzle is made of high-purity, high-density, high-strength raw materials and MAS-based deuteration system. It has the characteristics of knotting, anti-scour, anti-invasion, good shock and good use. Life demon and other generations

Ladle spout

The service life of the water inlet will have a significant impact on the service life of the bottom, and the service life of the bottom directly affects the comprehensive age.Chengding CD series _ Shangshui uses the latest matrix optimization technology and the closest packing theory to successfully develop the domestic leading level long-life ladle. The product has the characteristics of excellent thermal shock stability, outstanding anti-oxidation ability and strong anti-scour ability.
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