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Refractory for tundish

The long nozzle is a refractory material that connects the big bag and the tundish. The long nozzle has the functions of stabilizing the flow of the molten steel, preventing the oxidation of the molten steel, and preventing the splash of the molten steel. The CD series high-grade non-baked long nozzle successfully developed by Cheng Ding has the advantages of good thermal shock resistance, strong resistance to molten steel scouring and good slag resistance. At the same time, it is easy to operate and greatly improve working conditions. Can be promoted.

Long nozzle

Packing: wooden box packaging.
Note: erect and transport, moisture-proof.

Integral stopper

The integral plug is installed in the tundish when used to control the flow of molten steel from the tundish to the crystallizer. The CD series integral plugs are divided into aluminum carbon and magnesium carbon, which are suitable for casting different steel grades; various types of club heads designed by customers for digital molds are suitable for blooms, billets, rectangular billets, round billets, Large slab, thin slab and other continuous casting. The product has good anti-scour performance and anti-erosion performance; the flow control is stable during the casting process, and the sealing is tight after the casting is completed.

Immersion nozzle

The immersion nozzle acts to protect the molten steel from the ambient air when it flows into the crystallizer from the tundish. It also acts to evenly distribute the molten steel into the mold and control the flow of the molten steel in the crystallizer. CD series immersion nozzles have won high praise from users for their excellent slag resistance, anti-clogging, long life and low accident rate.

Tundish upper nozzle

In use, it is embedded in the brick at the bottom of the tundish, and cooperates with the plug to control the flow of molten steel. The water supply port of the CD series has the characteristics of good erosion resistance, good thermal shock resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-clogging. With the overall stopper rod produced by our company, the number of continuous casting furnaces can be obviously improved.

Tundish type magnesia air curtain retaining wall

The tundish type magnesia air curtain wall adopts magnesium banknote as the main raw material, and the admixture is added. It is formed by machine molding and fired at 1600C high temperature.
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